Sunday, February 5, 2012

long, late, nights....

So Jon has been out of town for 3 days of his 7 day work trip and the days are pretty normal i do my chores the girls do school and various things, but the night routine is weird. it is so much nicer to have a second set of hands around during dinner and bath/bed time, but that's not even the bad part its the silence as i climb into bed knowing that he isn't in the other room watching T.V., or on the couch in our room reading or studying. it's just plain lonely, and quiet. but my girls are doing great at keeping me on my toes at night. (talking and playing till 11 p.m.) although i have to say this trip is better than the last,... i'm NOT having emergency surgery this go round so that is always good! (KNOCKING ON WOOD AS I TYPE THIS RIGHT NOW) i'll post more i'm sure as the week goes on, until then happy sleeping!

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