Tuesday, January 18, 2011

what happened to my babies

i was watching my girls play a game on the living room floor and suddenly realized my babies have grown up, and somehow I missed it. oh the group of mixed emotions i have, I'm not sure how to deal with this.

This is Brooklyn at 36 hours old 7lb.10oz. 20.5in.

This is Hailee @ 12 hours old 8lbs. 2oz. 20.5in

Brooklyn is now almost five and Hailee is almost 3! its crazy to me how fast things change right before my eyes.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Oh the joy's of playing catch up

So the month of December was crazier than normal this year, with birthdays and the girls first dance concert and parties for friends and family. crazy as it was we had a lot of fun and made great memories.
The girls had their first dance concert early in the month and it was so much fun to watch and see what they had learned the last 4 months in class. They love their teacher Miss Emily and all the fun things she teaches them, the shimmy is their favorite
There are four family birthdays in December, we have the girls aunt Kaitlynn birthday on the 3rd, and the 17Th is the girls auntie tawna's and she live in Idaho, i promise your gift is coming! the 20Th is my brother Andrew's and he turned 18 this year. i hope he make good and wise choices. and the 24Th is my daddy's birthday he turned 51 and boy did we have fun with his party The Before... Since my dad doesn't like cake we do his favorite apple fritters for his birthday treat and we always put the #of candles in the cake that the person is turning and this year dad turned 51, so yes there are 51 individual candles on one tiny fritter
the aftermath
and then we had Christmas eve and always have Swedish meatballs at Jon's family, and its yummy ans always fun then we get to celebrate on our own and the girls and us open 1 gift before bed and we always get new Jammie's, it's great fun with the girls. Then it's Christmas and the fun begins, with flying paper and laughing kids, car rides to the grandparents houses and the long drive back home in a tightly packed car, and then to clean up the aftermath. we had a lovely holiday, and truly enjoyed the time we had with our family watching our not so little girls immersed in the pure magic of the season. we are also lucky to have a great group of friends that we got to celebrate New Year's Eve with, and it was a blast, with great food, awesome friends, and good memories, and fireworks who could ask for anything better, we can't!!! in between and after the holiday's we had our share of sickies and we are till trying to get completely over the yuckies.