Thursday, March 31, 2011


Thank you Sheri Dew

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

what did you say...?

Today started out nicely, yoga with a friend this morning, naps with my girls, yummy snacks, dancing like no one was watching with the girls, and then a sad phone call and then it all went down hill from there. there is however one moment that sticks out from the rest today... this afternoon while i was working on the computer Brooklyn went downstairs to get a Capri sun and i hear a thud as she dropped the box on her foot, and then Clear as day i hear my 4 year old say "oh damn" in the moment i wasn't sure what to do except laugh, but cause I'm mom i had to be the bad guy and explain that she couldn't say that anymore. Even though i was laughing on the inside, i knew that i need to start being a better example to her cause she picks up on everything!
In other news at the Davies house we got family pictures a week or so ago and we had so much fun and got some really good shots!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Green Day!!!

So we are kinda boring over here for this holiday, but we do have some spirit. The girls made sure they had green clothes on and we ate lucky charms for breakfast! HAHAHA for dinner we will be having Beef and cabbage stir fry!!!( i know it's not corned beef and cabbage, cut me some slack my kids and husband would never eat it) But Dessert will be fun! A little Leprachaun is stopping by and leaving gold (chocolate) coins.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

where do i begin....?

It has been over a month since i have posted. yikes... Well so as not to bore whomever reads this i'll just post a few highlight of the last monthish.

  • Brooklyn started piano lessons with my friend Berta!!! and she sure seems to love it! i cant keep her of the piano at home now!
  • ( there will be a picture after this highlight) there i days i wonder if Hailee will ever grow out of being really accident prone, but as of now i think not... so brooklyn and hailee were jumping on my bed and well,..."one little monkey fell and bumped her head" ( well nose) sorry for the graphic nature of the photo, but the kid didn't even cry till i started cleaning up! knock on wood we have now gone just aout 10 days with no bumps, brusies, or blood! keep up the good work Hailee!

  • So jon went out of town for a few days to Idaho for his Nephew Lincoln's Blessing.

( this is Lincoln All 10lbs. 1oz. of his cute 1 week old self!)

  • so i was single mommin it while jon was gone, but thanks to an amazing friend we survived the weekend with no daddy and no car. We were able to go to Hailee's friend Ryan's birthday party, and our ward party, and to church on sunday without a single hiccup! Thank you Brady & Berta for everything, and for loving my kids!

This is the Girls the Night before Daddy left! they sure know how to Ham it up!!! I love them!!!

I took this picture sunday morning to send to Jon while he was in Idaho. ( if you can't tell we all really don't do well when daddy is gone. we really miss him alot)