Thursday, September 23, 2010

Flower patch dance!!!

So the girls started dance class today, but do to some unforseen circumstances they were not able to dance but got to get a feel for the little studio and i think they are going to love it!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Summer in a nut shell

I haven't posted in a while and i have no good excuses, other than i just haven't, so this may be long winded! This summer has been full of happy, fun, and bittersweet things, i think im just going to list them, or this will take all day....
  1. drove to St. Goerge for the Davies family reunion got to spend time with great family and make awesome memories. watched Tarzan at Tuachan. ( super awesome!!!)
  2. headed to Lehi utah, drove in a nasty rainstorm with no windshield wipers and no radio, in the morning the battery was dead. ( dad saved the day!!!)
  3. celebrated the twins first birthday
  4. went to my great uncle ralph's funeral sad and happy day.
  5. Attendend my brother Kevin's sealing and reception such a wonderful day
  6. headed home from utah car started making some really weird sounds, got home safe took the car to the shop found out the rear engine was welded shut. no more "Green Van" as brooklyn says. needless to say counting my blessings we made it home safe.
  7. spent the night in the Emergancy room with brooklyn, she was severly dehydrated and running a really high fever. She needed an IV and a cathider to help her get better. oh the histeria that insued was classic!!!
  8. was able to attenend my brother dennis's sealing and reception!!! such a beautiful day
  9. celebrated Brooklyn's 4th birthday with family and close friends. that little girl sure is loved and spoiled!
  10. Went to the ER agian with brooklyn she got a craft puff ball stuck in her nasel cavity, and we found out that brooklyn has asthma! oh the fun of being a parent
  11. Hailee has gotten her share of bumps and brusies and one minor concusion over the last few months but seems to bounce right back with no issue, and be her happy playful self!!!

We have had tons of fun lots of tears but memories that we get to have forever!!! Here are a few pictures...

P.S. while we were in Utah at the church history museum the girls got to meet the General Primary Presidency. it was such a neat experience!