Friday, June 4, 2010


So i have decided that packing for a 10 day trip for Myself, Jon, Brooklyn, and Hailee ( who is potty training really well) is way more work than any one mom should deal with. the other night my mind would not slow down thinking of all the possible things that i would need for every possible situation whether they happen or not. by the time my head slowed down i had imagined a u-haul trailer attached to the car. Yikes I'm nuts!!! Jon just keeps saying if we don't have what we need when we get there we will just go get what we need at the store! well you can't get "mine" and "woofer" at any store!!! Anyways done with my ranting!!! i am really excited about our trip, first a family reunion and then my brothers wedding! it should be a great vacation!!!
that ratty looking pink blanket thing is called "mine" and we are in big trouble without it!!!

That yellow/gray thing that she is sleeping on is "woofer" i promise it was a dog once upon a time.